Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Today was a why? day.

Why don't I have my house under control? Why haven't I finished all the house projects, we have been living here for 12 years? Why can't I be bothered getting off my butt and exercising/losing weight etc?  Why aren't I making time for the crafts that I love? Why can't I make a decision about what I am going to do now I don't have a job? Why can't I decide whether I want to start a small business? What am I waiting for? Why am I passing on all my bad habits to my kids? Why aren't I being a better role model?

Why is it, just three weeks out from a 'big' birthday, that I still don't have my life in order? Why do I still feel like it's OK if I haven't got it all together because I'm still young? When I'm not.

Maybe it's because there is this birthday looming.

Either way, I hate why? days.

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