Knitting along

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I have been doing an extraordinary amount of knitting of late (extraordinary for me that is!) and here's a little peek at my projects.

This is an infinity scarf I made for myself and I love it! I made it with two strands instead of one strand of bulky as I haven't found any good sources of bulky yarn around here yet. It can be left as a large looped scarf or doubled up to keep my neck extra warm. I found the pattern here.

This is the same scarf, but one I am making for a friend. Yes, I know it is very orange but she is returning to her native homeland of Canada soon and her favourite ice hockey team is orange (Philly Flyers maybe?). Anyway, going to ice hockey games and living in Canada I'm sure it will get used!

This is a scarf I started this week, just a yarn user-up really. But a lovely pattern found here.

And finally this is a little black beret I am knitting for Miss 8.

As you can see I have several projects on the go at once, something I like to do with books too. I always have several to choose from so if I get bored with one and can easily pick up another. That and I am a major procrastinator so I rarely finish anything! (Just joking, I do occasionally finish things, sometimes...). You may have also noticed I am a huge fan of Ravelry! If you are a knitter or crocheter make sure you have joined as it is a great resource. You can have your own page and link all the projects you have your eye on, and update as you make progress. I haven't updated mine in ages, but writing about it has inspired me to do so!


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