Knitting needles

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I have more knitting needles than you can poke a stick at (or a needle), some I bought myself, some my mother gave to me and a large collection I inherited from Mr Homespun's grandmother. Those ones are particularly precious and I want to keep them to pass on to any of the great grandchildren who may take up knitting (hopefully my girls are two of them). But I don't need them all myself so it's about time I created some order out of them.

So I am on the hunt for a pattern for a knitting needle roll. And if I can't find a pattern I will have to wing it, but I'm hoping to avoid that. I intend making one for the needles, one for the DPNs, one for the circulars and one for the crochet hooks. I thought about making one for all of them, but frankly with so many, I probably couldn't lift it! Here are some that have inspired me.


The problem with all this is that I need to get into the spare/craft/sewing room to do this and at the moment that room looks like the proverbial bomb has gone off in it. I am not posting photos of it, I am that embarrassed. The room has become the dumping room for everything that doesn't have a home and I can barely shut the door on it. I should be working on it but frankly I'm too busy knitting!



  1. Maybe a pencil roll tutorial can be used? I know there are loads of them online, just adapt for knitting needles.

  2. I have a pattern for a pencil roll that you might be able to adapt. I am more than willing to photocopy it for you and send via snail mail! Let me know if you want it!

    1. Thanks so much Andrea, I will keep looking for a pattern for now but will definitely keep your offer in mind. Thanks again. Cheers

  3. Oh yes! I so need one of these!

  4. I have got to do this myself as I have heaps of needles too.