The Tale of the Toe

Friday, 26 August 2016

Once upon a time there was a round spot, living quite happily on a big toe. It lived there harmlessly for many, many years until one day it slowly started changing. It changed so slowly it took a long time for the owner of the toe to notice it was changing until one day it was no longer round but an odd, uneven shape.

So the owner of the big toe took the toe to the doctor who said 'I don't think it's bad but we'll remove it anyway.' The owner made another appointment for when she had a week off work, knowing it would be a little uncomfortable for a few days.

A quick snap of the spot where it lived happily in spite of the bad nail polish

Two weeks passed and the owner returned to the doctor to say farewell to the little spot that had kept her toe decorated for many years. The nurse said 'This is going to hurt'. Thanks nurse. Then the doctor said 'This is going to be pretty bad'. Thanks Doc. The doctor then gave the owner a needle and said afterwards the owner did really well as she hadn't sworn at him. The owner replied that she had squealed quite a bit though because it bloody hurt.

So the spot was surgically cut out and two stitches were inserted where the spot had been. Unfortunately the big toe was about the only spot on the owner's body that didn't have any extra skin or fat so the hole couldn't be entirely closed and was instead left slightly open. Ugh.

The spotless toe last week

The spot made its way to the pathologist to find out what species of spot it was and when the results where in the owner was told the spot was definitely changing and would've one day grown into a big, bad melanoma and that although the spot had been removed the extra tissue around the spot hadn't been enough of a safety zone and the owner would need to return in 3 weeks to have the whole procedure done again.

The moral of this story? CHECK YOUR SPOTS!!!!!

The end.