Gardening and a homemade blackboard

Monday, 4 July 2011

Since finishing work I have immersed myself in a couple of projects I have wanted to do for some time.

This weekend I finally tackled the back vege garden. I always find this time of the year a little uninspiring in the vege garden so I have neglected it for some time. This is what it looked like on Saturday morning (above) and below is how it looked a couple of hours later!

I removed the passionfruit vine that was blocking the sun to the other half of the garden and replanted this side. Much better! Although you can see the plants I transplanted are still suffering from a little shock but since this was taken they have bounced back.

I have also been working on this blackboard, something I have wanted for the kitchen for soooo long. I have seen much smaller versions around but they are always too expensive so I enlisted hubby's help and together we whipped this together. The kids have since used it to list all the thing they want to do on these school holidays.

I'll post on the other things I have been up to soon.
Until next time...

PS Happy 4th to anyone from the US reading this.

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