Backyard chickens

Sunday, 10 July 2011

We keep chickens in our backyard and at the moment they are in a smallish hen house, with nesting boxes, in a large run made by Mr Homespun, but after we return from our trip there are a few backyard improvements we are finally going to get around to and as a result I have been pondering ways to improve the current chicken arrangement. This week I went around to a friend's home and she has a lovely small run for her chickens that I have taken a few ideas from. As a result of my slight addiction to all things Pinterest, I have also stumbled across some other ideas on the net, although definitely more elaborate than I have planned. Check out this chicken coop from Heather Bullard! In my wildest dreams I would have a chicken coop like this one! It is divine. But in the meantime, my beloved chooks will stay as they are whilst I continue to dream and plan.


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