Berry delicious

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Yesterday's pickings of blackberries and blueberries

Is it considered foraging if it's in your own backyard?

I think so. And I have the scratches to prove it.

I know blackberry is considered a pest, but it's only a class 4, meaning it should be managed in a manner that reduces the spread and inhibits the plant's reproduction. I still wish to maintain a smallish patch just so we can enjoy the fruit.

Our blueberry bush is very tiny, only about a foot tall, but it still gives us an amazing number of berries.



Happy Summer!

Monday, 1 December 2014

The promise of a pomegranate

Today is the first day of summer and this year the season looks like it will be a shocker! We have already had several days of 40 degree (104 fahrenheit) weather, but so far these have usually followed quickly by a day or two at almost half that. My little Etsy shop has been very busy, it feels quite odd  spending my days making winter hats when it is so hot!

This week we have storms and rain forecast for the entire week. Exactly what we need to fill up the tanks before the early summer storms disappear, leaving us with long, hot days.

The vege patch is shaping up nicely, I promise to do a post on it soon.