The new chicken coop

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One thing I didn't know when I got my chickens, was how much chickens ruin the ground in their run. Being a novice chicken owner I had no idea how much they would scratch and how badly their coop would be impacted. Obviously I knew they scratched but not to the extent they do. I would've done things very differently if I had known. So we are tweaking the backyard, the mess that it is. The backyard is one area we haven't done as much work in as I would've liked. (Who am I kidding, I can say that about the entire house!)

So Mr Homespun is building me a new chicken coop. That is, the chickens will be living in it, not me! It looks like it will be a palace, especially compared to their current living quarters. Once this is finished we will be building two runs for them, so they can be in one whilst the other is recovering from all the scratching and such. It will also give us a large chunk of our backyard back, the current run taking up a large amount of room in the middle of the yard. We will also be getting more chickens soon, since Prudence died, Harriet has stopped laying and Pearl is laying miniature eggs so we aren't getting many eggs. I am researching the availability of ex-battery hens in our area to adopt vs heirloom breeds vs more of the breed of the lovely girls we already have.

It is wrapped in plastic at the moment because Mr Homespun is working away during the week and it isn't quite weatherproof yet. I know it looks crazy tall but I wanted a house where I could get in and clean it out without any difficulty. Over the coming weeks we will get it clad and painted, can't wait! I have been thinking of giving it a name, and loving all things french I'm thinking something along the lines of Chez Poulet. I am also thinking although it may be appropriate, Le Palais des Poulet is probably a bit much ;)


PS For anyone reading who is French, I hope I haven't destroyed your beautiful language too badly!


  1. That is one nice looking chook shed! I'll have to show this to the hubby... I too would like a chook shed I can stand up in. I was also thinking that 2 runs would be good as we will be building the chook shed in the corner of our block on an existing slab.. Just have to get around to it now!

  2. Love it - I too demand a chicken coop that I can walk into without having to crawl into on hands and knees. I also want to be abkle to get the eggs from the outside!! Am i asking too much - I DON"T think so!

  3. Just one small item - poulet is also slang for a hooker/call girl/'scarlet woman'/insert euphemism here. Possibly this could inspire the interior decoration? :)

    The French version of the clucking sound hens make is: cot cot cot cot codet! if that offers you any inspiration.


    1. Oops, that is very funny, but definitely not my inspiration! Rethinking the name now... Cheers.