New Girls

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I was having a quick look back through the last few posts and realised I haven't gotten around to introducing the new girls to you. So here they are...

Scarlett O'Hara (because she is so white, just like Scarlett's skin)

Guinevere & Genevieve (aka the twins because we can't tell them apart!)

I went to get two new girls with names already picked out, Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennett, having decided all my new hens should have literary names. But Mr Homespun decided on three instead (because with Mr Homespun it is always go big or go home!), and with it being impossible to see the difference in the twins, new names had to be found.

But I couldn't think of any literary twins.

Except for Fred and George, but after the sacrifices they made in the battle against Voldemort, calling them girls seemed a bit of an insult.

So Gwen and Jen it is.

We had a few teething problems getting them settled in, the new girls not liking them, perhaps three at once was too many. Lucy gave them so much grief I'm sure the neighbours think her actual name is Rack Off Lucy because I swear I said it at least a dozen times a day (yes I like to hang around and watch my chickens, call me odd).

So there they are, my lovely new hens. Scarlett is laying perfectly lovely white eggs, albeit very small ones, and the twins are yet to mature but it won't be long now.

Do you have chickens?
Want chickens?
Can you think of any twins names I could've used instead?


Rock Star Party

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

As I mentioned yesterday Miss 10 had her birthday party on the weekend and the theme was Rock Star. This post is very photo heavy and some of them aren't the clearest, but that's what you get when you get the paparazzi (Miss 14) to work for free!

The invitations

The birthday girl

Her birthday was actually 2 weeks ago but this was the first opportunity we had where her bestie was able to come.

The backstage door

The Dressing Room for those that need a few extra accessories

The girls played karaoke on the Wii as well as a dance off, followed by whatever race they could think of down the front footpath where they waved at every car that passed by.

The VIP passes the girls got at the door


We had a 'mini' dinner, where we served mini quiches, mini burgers, mini pizzas and chicken wings. Yum! The girls were all fascinated with the pizzas, watching me roll out and shape the dough and asking me to fling it in the air to shape it (I tried and failed miserably!).

The take home goodie bag

The invitations, VIP passes and a dozen other bits and pieces were from simonemadeit (she also has an etsy store for those that prefer that to going directly to her website) and before you ask, no I am not receiving them for free in return for this post. I paid for them but was so delighted with them I am happy to plug her business.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Miss 10 (whose name is obviously Charlotte), you really do rock!


Loop the Lake 2013

Monday, 11 March 2013

Wow! We had a hugely busy weekend with Miss 10's birthday party (think a dozen squealing 9 & 10 year olds) on Saturday and the Lake Macquarie Loop the Lake yesterday. Those who know me may ask what on earth we had to do with the Loop the Lake this year, because I am definitely not the bike riding type, but we had a very dear friend complete not just 1 loop but 2! An awesome feat!

The Loop the Lake is an annual charity bike ride around the very beautiful Lake Macquarie and the weather yesterday was just glorious, a perfectly sunny (although perhaps a little warm for the riders) day.

I dragged Mr Homespun out of bed at 6.30 to head up to the point that is closest to our home and we were rewarded by catching Grant around 15 minutes later, and knowing the ride was expected to take around 7 hours in total, we headed back up around 3 hours later and after a flurry of phone calls and a drive in the opposite direction to find him, we realised we had missed him by a few minutes, he was flying! So we all jumped into the car and drove along the route until we found him, jumped out and clicked a few snaps.

Grant was riding to raise funds for the John Hunter Children's Hospital and after a lovely gathering at the local watering hole, and the raffling of some prizes donated by local businesses, he has raised (hopefully) close to his goal of $10 000! We are so proud of him and the work he and his wife Bec have put into this.

If anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please head here.

I will post all about Miss 10's party tomorrow.