Bread Making

Thursday, 27 October 2011

As mentioned in a previous post, I have started making my own bread but am trying to find the right recipe for us. So the first one I have tried out is a no knead artisan bread I found here. I'm not sure about it costing 40 cents a loaf, even in $US, flour must be really cheap over there! Anyway, here are some pics.

This is the dough, ready for the first rise.

The loaf shaped and ready for cooking.

The loaf cooked and looking good!

So the bread was lovely and chewy but a little doughy so I have made another batch and will play with the cooking times. I love the ease of the making and storing the dough, but not sure this is the recipe I will continue to use for us. I'll give it another go but then I might keep looking for the one, ha ha ha.


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