5 Things

Friday, 21 October 2011

I thought Friday was a good day for a list! Are you a list writer? I am very good at lists, so good in fact, I think I spend more time writing lists of what needs to be done than on the actual doing! My name is Mrs Homespun and I'm a procrastinator...

Anyway, here is a quick peek at what I am determined to get done in the next week, along with all the other tasks that make up my life at the moment:

5 Places that need decluttering in my home

1.   The bathroom cupboards
2.   The bar top
3.   The medicine cupboard
4.   Miss 8's clothes (wish me luck there!)
5.   My desk.

Maybe I will post photos of before and afters, and maybe I will take a heap of photos and then realise there is no memory card in the camera like I did this week!

Join me? What's on your list?

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