Still Knitting Along

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The pattern I am working on is the oatmeal coloured one closest to my yarn.

I have been knitting along for months now and am still going, surprising when I usually get quite bored with a craft after a few weeks, but not at the moment. I am currently working on something for myself, the first real full size thing I have made, previously I have made scarves, hats and baby jumpers but no garments for adults. As a result I am a bit nervous and awfully excited to see how it will come out! As you can see the edges are curling up so I will have to block it when finished (or should this be done before it is sewn up? anyone?) so that has me almost as nervous as knitting it has! It is a delicious chocolate colour, very me.

I have started making bread from an easy recipe I found on the 'net, I will post later on how it works out.


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