Cookbook of the Month

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'm sure that there are many of us that can all proudly and frustratingly attest to having too many cookbooks, yes? I add frustratingly because if you are anything like me, they rarely get used but are too good to get rid of, taking up valuable bookshelf space. To try and combat this I have decided to have a cookbook of the month. Unfortunately I will only get through 12 books in the year, but it's a starting point (I may change this to cookbook of the week, I'm sure I have more than 52 cookbooks, lol)

So I thought I would start off with an Aussie book so my cookbook of the month for November is (imagine a drumroll here):

Masterchef Winner Julie Goodwin Cookbook
Our Family Table by Julie Goodwin. Julie was Australia's first Masterchef winner and although I have had this book for a while I have only made a couple of things from it. What I love about this book is the recipes are all 'normal' food, nothing that is crazy fancy or with ingredients that are hard to get. The things that I have made from this book we have all loved so I thought it would be great to try out some more. I will post the recipes I use and give a quick rating of what we (kids opinions included) thought of each. This is also a great excuse to justify buying her new cookbook in the near future!
Anyone else have this book? Can anyone recommend any recipes from it that I absolutely must make?

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