Fruit Fly - from glut to heartbreak

Friday, 4 January 2013

We have had a bit of a fruit fly issue over the past few weeks on our tomatoes and put a trap out, and it was working nicely, lots of dead male fruit flies. But over the past few days, whilst we were busy with the New Year celebrations and recovery, not to mention getting Miss 9's stitches out (yuck!), and trying to get back to our 'normal' routine, the bushes were a little neglected.

So yesterday we decided to spend a few hours in the garden, picking the ripe and nearly ripe tomatoes and destroying those affected by fruit fly. But after a few minutes it became obvious that the few hours would be spent ripping the tomato bushes out because all the tomatoes had been stung.

Every single one.

Both red and green. Buckets of tomatoes, destroyed.

I am quite heartbroken.

I had recently purchased a preserver and was looking forward to make bottles and bottles of passata, to put away for cooler weather, but alas, it is not to be.

So the trap has been moved to the lemon tree in the hopes that the fruit flies won't move over there. And we will start from scratch with new plants and hope it is not too late in the season for them.

If anyone has any tips on preventing or destroying fruit fly, please leave a comment for us all.


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