In the garden - The chicken herb garden

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Along the chicken run I have planted a few herbs known to be beneficial to the health of chickens. It is still a work in progress, but here it is so far!

 Feverfew - related to pyrethrum so a good insect repellant

 Rue - a herb for general health

 Wormwood - good for preventing/treating worms and an insect repellant

Valerian - not for anything chicken related, just what Mr Homespun picked up at the nursery when he was on a chicken herb-hunting mission!

I have them planted along the fence line so they can't eat the entire plant, but instead can get to whatever they can reach and also brush alongside them as they wander around. I still want to get and plant some lavender, catnip, comfrey, rosemary and nasturtiums and whatever else I can find that will help keep the girls in tiptop condition!

We have spent this morning preparing the gardens and pots for another scorcher with temperatures expected to hit 43 degrees today. Tuesday was also a shocker and our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the bushfires around the country.


PS Did you see the new girls? I will post about them shortly. Did you also spot the charming dead capsicum in the photos? Perhaps I should check before I click...

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