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Friday, 25 January 2013

Vintage Caravans!

I'm a little in love with vintage caravans after seeing this month's Country Style magazine. 

Country Style

Especially Frankie the caravan!  

So I am now daydreaming about finding an old van and doing it up. I'll paint the inside white, with cute curtains and cushions...

How great would it be to travel around to markets selling goodies in one of these! I imagine mine full of homemade, crafty goodies, whatever I felt like making at the time. 

Anyone want to join me?



  1. I read that article and wanted a caravan of my own!!! Do it ! Get one!!! My sister, your neighbour, would be in on it too!!!

  2. She loves Frankie too! We already chatted about it. Hope you are feeling well. xoxo