Kitchen lighting

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My kitchen's lighting has been causing me much frustration for a long time, a single bulb hanging in the middle of the room, not being able to see the sink or bench properly in the evenings due to my shadow blocking out much of the light. But I have only recently decided on what I wanted to do about it after seeing these photos.


these lights too

I found these lights, which I loved and still do, but at $200 each they were a little outside my budget. So, one day, wandering through Masters with Mr Homespun I stumbled upon these.

Crosby Metal Pendant Black Painted Finish

Not quite as fancy, but still giving me the same look as the expensive ones and they were less than $40 each!

And the end result (along with a few down lights):

A kitchen I can see in!!! I love it, and I love that such a huge change came with spending so little. And the new down lights are LED, so they use very little electricity and I will pick up some LED globes for the pendants next time I am out and about.

What project shall I tackle next?


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  1. Oh that looks lovely - there is nothing quite like good lighting in the kitchen.