Thursday, 8 November 2012

Summer is on it's way and you can definitely feel it here!

Except I wish it would rain.

Usually our spring brings lots of lovely rain and the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. But not this year. With the exception of a little rain last night, we have had almost no rain for weeks, maybe even months. Just the occasional sprinkle that doesn't even touch the ground.

So the gardens have to be watered. But under this little bit of TLC our tomatoes have flourished. These were planted just over a month ago and are now huge! It won't be long before their fruit is ripening and we have our own lovely tomatoes to eat and share with friends.

We have planted 7 varieties we bought and currently have 4 that I have grown from heirloom seeds (with a few more almost ready for transplanting). I am looking forward to seeing what comes from the heirloom ones, as they came from a mix of varieties, who knows what colour they will be!

How is your garden going? Are you getting enough rain?


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