Catalina Festival 2012

Monday, 5 November 2012

During WWII there was a RAAF base very close to where Homespun headquarters is now and each year there is a festival held to celebrate the area's heritage and the grand old planes that were stationed at the base, the Catalinas.

This weekend we were thrilled to have an actual Catalina not only do a fly pass, as happened a few years ago, but actually land and allow visitors to have a close up look at the plane.  I believe this was only the second time since the base closed that a Catalina has landed here. There aren't many of the old sea planes left in the world, so the crowds came out and the traffic was backed up for 5 kilometres and many had to wait an hour to park their car! Luckily we live so close and didn't have to worry about that.

We have a local group who do fundraising and have purchased an old Catalina, but she is still in Sydney being restored. If you would like to read more about these grand old girls, please visit the Catalina Flying Memorial site.

Hope your weekend was as fun!


  1. There is a Catalina Flying Boat Museum not for from where I live. Lake Boga was the base to repair the planes during the war and was very secret - well to everyone but the Not only did it provide a steady stream of air force personnel - essential for the dances that were held frequently - but it also provided some much needed income in difficult years. A friend of mine owns 20 acres in Lake Boga where the barracks were and there is still concrete pads where the buildings where. The link to the museum is here.... My Grandparents remembered the base in full swing during the war years. Gorgeous photos of the plane landing on the water - don't they make the most awesome sound as they fly over.

    1. Your secret is safe with me, lol! Hopefully our museum will be up and running in the next few years, but there are also still lots of the old buildings around here, our local bowling club and community hall both used to be part of the base. And they do sound great, don't they?