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Friday, 1 February 2013

Winter Knitted Hats!

I know, it's still summer so looking at anything for winter is a bit crazy, but we are headed to Tasmania in April and with the way time flies around here it will be April before I know it! So I have a few things in mind to make to keep warm in Tassie and here are the hats:

I have this one on my needles already, actually it is off the needles but waiting to be blocked so I will post when I have finished it. I have never blocked anything before so I am a little nervous about doing it.

This one has a cable that matches some mittens I have my eye on.

This one is lovely too. Unfortunately the original link is broken so I have linked it to it's Ravelry page.

And I have some sock yarn waiting to be knitted up, so I think this slouchy beanie would be perfect. This one you need to be a member of the Patons site to access the pattern.

Are you a knitter? What's on your needles at this time of the year?

Are you a blocker? Any tips would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading.


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