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Monday, 16 January 2012

I am more than a little inspired by some of these lovelies...

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I have a long hallway with one unbroken wall and I am looking to do this on it. (Sorry I couldn't find the credit for this photo so if it is yours let me know).

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Courtesy of PeelAndStickDecals Etsy store

Our back bathroom toilet is broken and is constantly running and wasting water (it has the runs as we like to joke around here, sorry horrid taste in jokes I know!), so we have been shopping all over the place looking for replacements (that don't cost over $600!!!) and I would love to put one of these decals on it!


How lovely are these! There is even a great tutorial found here, watch out for mine soon.

Modern folk living room | Living room ideas | Image

And finally this one, it makes my heart swoon and is the inspiration for my loungeroom makeover, I'll keep you posted on how that is going over the coming weeks and no doubt months.


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