2012 - A Year of Home and Health

Sunday, 1 January 2012

They will be my focus this year, home and health.

Home because we have been in this (almost) lovely house for over 13 years and it still looks like we moved in last week!  So many unfinished projects, argh!

And health because last year I turned the big 4-0 and I have noticed everything is starting to slow down (let's not even mention the metabolism!) and, if I'm honest, I have never been the fittest girl on the block (is it OK to still call myself a girl? everything else sounds weird). So I joined the gyn in December, and Santa bought me a bike, which I (very) promptly fell off.

So there it is folks, what's your focus for the year? Do you even have one? I like the idea of having an overall plan for the year, especially now that I am a stay at home mum and it is so easy to not focus on something and before you know it 7 months have gone past and I still haven't achieved much. I know some in blogland have a word of the year and I tried it out but couldn't find anything to fit (they were all more than one word - stop procrastinating; get off your butt; just do it dammit, etc).

So stay tuned, I will be posting some of my projects, and maybe some of my very honest before shots as I work my way around this home. I think first up will be the enormous piles of paper in my office area, good grief I could be here for days!


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