Household Routines

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I have unsuccessfully tried many household routines over the years and the only thing I have learnt is that you can't use someone else's routine for your own. You definitely need to make your own.

The first step is to identify those tasks that you must have done every day, without fail. And there is no point being too detailed in identifying that list, that will just cause you to lose all motivation. Housework is something that unfortunately requires motivation for most of us so making your list too big to start off with is just asking to be disappointed. This doesn't mean the chores you need to get done aren't so very few, it just means you need to find a way of referring to them that doesn't scare you off before you begin.

For example my basic daily list comprises of only four things - the kitchen, the laundry, sweeping the floors and a general tidy up. Simple right? But deep down we know this list isn't so very small. The kitchen for goodness sake! This can take anywhere between 10 minutes and several hours, but listing every task in the kitchen does absolutely nothing for my motivation. So 'kitchen' is all that is written in my daily plan. How much I get done of this is then entirely up to me, after a point. The dishes must absolutely be done, so must the countertops. And if I have been doing this consistently that is all that usually needs to be done. Anything else is optional.

The laundry - a peek in there will quickly let me know whether anything needs to be done. I try to do one load everyday. Between the two girls, myself and a husband with a very dirty job, there isn't usually a day go by when there isn't a load to do, but it happens. Still this written on my list isn't intimidating either.

Sweeping the floors - need I elaborate? 10 minutes tops.

General tidy up - again this can take two minutes or it can take an hour. But it is one of those tasks that if let go, will take me a lot longer to recover from, but done consistently is relatively easy to manage.

After this there is all the other tasks that need to be done regularly, but not necessarily every day. I'll post on that subject another day.

So, what's on your list?

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