The Great To Do List

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I have a To Do list for task and projects around the home that is pages long. It contains things as simple as cleaning out and organising a particular drawer or two, to tasks that will take several weeks, like rebuilding the front retaining wall. Two things stop me from achieving everything on this list, time and money. I'm sure these are the two things that stop almost all of us from getting everything done.

The great To Do List, and yes, tidying up my desk is on the list!

A couple of weeks from now and the time problem should be solved, but unfortunately that means the money part becomes more of an issue. With one less income in the family the budget will need to be more carefully scrutinised. That's if I had one. A budget that is.

So that becomes another thing on the To Do list, but one that moves immediately to the top of the list. So this week I will be trying to set a budget for the Homespun family, and no doubt checking out some budgeting sites online.

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