My new addiction

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Please forgive the horrendous quality of this photo, someone has misplaced the cord to upload my camera photos to my computer!!!

This time of the year invariably finds me dragging out the knitting needles and spending far too much time lurking around Ravelry, but this year there is an added source of yarny inspiration for me. It's called YouTube. You may have heard of it...perhaps....unless you live under a apparently I do...

So yes, obviously we have all heard of YouTube, but did you know about knitting podcasts???????? Oh my wordy Lordy, there are podcasts on knitting!!!!!!! And not only that, there are some amazing podcasts on knitting!!!!!

Which are my favourites I hear you ask? Here are a few I'm binge watching:

Legacy Knitz; yes, I'm a knerdz. Mother and daughter, Sue and Chelsea, who between them rack up an astonishing amount of knitted goodness. Every week.

Knitting Expat; Mina is a machine, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. She has only been knitting for a couple of years but has more finished objects than most knitters could amass in a lifetime. In January she completed an astonishing 35 pairs of socks. 35 pairs. In one month. She has a quick video on YouTube showing her knitting technique and it's no wonder she can fly through them all so quickly.

Cherry Heart: I blame my addiction to these podcasts on Sandra because hers was the first one I watched and she mentioned other podcasts that also led me to other podcasts that led me..... Sandra is not only a knitter though, she is also a crocheter and does a bit of sewing, just like me.

So all my spare time (of which I have very little) is spent with these goddesses of the yarny world, so much so that I have had to administer a new life rule, I must knit whilst watching podcasts. Otherwise I would not get anything done, ever.

Have you watched any good knitting podcast? Care to share your favourites?


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