Thursday, 21 April 2016

We are having some major changes around this little cottage as I will soon be moving Miss 17 up to the main house instead of the little building across the driveway. I am very excited to have her back under our roof, although she certainly isn't! I think she likes the feeling of independence having a separate place gives her. I, on the other hand, worry that she spends too much time by herself  especially as she is now in the final year of school and with all the added pressure the HSC brings.

But I am losing the room I call the library to accommodate her. Sob!

Miss 13 will be moving into that room and Miss 17 will be moving into Miss 13's room. The library is a strange L shaped room, but it should be plenty big enough for Miss 13, and it will mean a big clear out of her stuff. This mumma is pretty happy about that!

I am determined to complete the rooms before each move happens, this means painting, new skirting and architraves, and new flooring, blinds, the whole shebang. So I removed all the furniture from the former library and got started.

One of the previous owners had laid down a floating timber floor through most of the house and although I usually don't mind floating timber floors, these ones were very bad. Plus whoever laid them did a horrendous job of it leaving big gaps between the plank ends. These gaps are fantastic dirt traps.

This lovely little dirt catcher is right in the middle of the doorway between the lounge room and the dining room/kitchen.


So I removed all the skirting in the library and in the process of lifting the hideous flooring I hit the jackpot!

Real timber floorboards hiding under that crappy floor. Yippee!

Halfway through the sanding

You may have seen the sneak peek on a previous post where I had started restoring the floorboards instead of putting down the new floating floor I had originally planned. The floorboards aren't perfect with 40 odd years of dirt and paint to be removed but well worth the effort. Because this room is on the smallish side I had to use a belt sander instead of a big floor sander. This was a tough job, done on my hands and knees over a couple of weeks. The other rooms in the house are big enough to use a floor sander so will be a lot quicker.

The floor has come up a treat and I am so happy with it. Miss 13 is currently in the process of moving into her new room so I will soon be onto the next one.

So the big moves are taking a little longer than first anticipated but in the long run will be worth the wait. I hope...



  1. What a find!!! Real boards are fabulous!

    1. They are a great find, and considering how neglected they were they look fantastic.