Sunday, 6 April 2014

Good grief, where have I been?

I haven't posted in ages so here is a quick catch up on all that's been going on (or not going on) at Homespun Headquarters.

We just returned a couple of days ago from a few days in sunny Queensland, all theme parked out and happy to not eat another meal of junk food for at least six months!

One of the three cats left here by the previous owners had kittens (of course it did), six in fact! We arrived home from our holiday to find that one had disappeared and all that was left of it was a very small tail. The girls are quite heartbroken, it was the runt (and dare I say the favourite) of the litter and mama cat had been trying to get rid of it whilst we were away. I guess we shall never know what happened.

A few weeks back we did the farm tour at the Purple Pear Farm and got some great ideas on what we can implement here at Homespun Headquarters.

Subsequently we had Lachie from Tree Frog Permaculture visit to help us with a plan for the farm. We learnt so much, including the fact that our farm appears to be overrun with weeds! Slight exaggeration there, but still a lot of work to be done to clear them out.

Still battling my vertigo and dizziness issues, and it always seems worse after I have been on a computer, hence why I have been avoiding posting anything! I have an appointment with an ENT surgeon to discuss having the surgery I swore I would never have. Totally bummed about it but not able to see an alternative at the moment.

Working madly on our old house to get it ready for sale. It is now on the market. Just waiting impatiently for a buyer...

Summing it all up: not much has been going on over the past few weeks, but now we have our holiday out of the way we expect that to change. It has been almost three months since we moved to the farm and I am desperate to get some dirt under my fingernails!

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  1. Sister told me you weren't 100%. I hope your impending surgery gives you all that it promises. Having spent a bit of time in hospitals in the last few years my best advice is a packet or baby wipes. So handy to have. Can't wait to read more about your home and garden.