The Koi fish pond

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post we have a fish pond near the front door and Mr Homespun was quick to declare he would get rid of it as soon as we had moved in. As luck would have it a few days after we moved in we discovered there was a large Koi living in it so Mr H quickly changed his mind, the pond would stay.

Obviously, as it took us a few days to discover the fish, the pond was in a right awful state. I'm not sure how the fish was even alive it was so disgusting. Here is a glimpse of the colour of the water.

Yuck, right?

So we sought some advice and bought a pump and filter and had someone out who had a pond vacuum to give it a helping hand. Sooooo glad we did, the bottom of the pond was disgusting! Along with the many buckets of leaves and muck we also found an assortment of other things; cans, pots and this:

It appears to be some kind of pot but is made of some sort of metal and weighs a ton!

Anyhoo, the pump worked it's magic and the water quality started to improve quickly, looking like this after only one week.

And now? Well today it looks like this:

Even on an overcast day you can see how good it looks. The water is crystal clear! We were so happy with the result we bought some friends for Gobbles (Miss 11 named the original fish).


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  1. What an amazing difference a little TLC makes. Mr Gobbles will be very happy with his new abode!