Happy New Year!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

I hope you had a lovely holiday season and are filled with exciting plans for 2014. As usual I have a head full of intentions for the new year, no doubt almost none of them will be followed through!

What is definite though is:

2014 will see the biggest change ever for us as we move to our little acreage in just over a week, squeal! Big plans there, which also means lots of work for the next 12 months or so (I think we are being very optimistic there).

Miss 10 will head back to school as one of her school's captains for 2014, we are all terribly proud of her and know she will have a great final year at her school. Her best friend is also moving back here after nearly 4 years in England and we are all beside ourselves with excitement over this.

Miss 14 is heading into year 10 (where did that time go????) and will no doubt have lots of work to do as well as having lots of fun with her friends whilst she is there.

Hope your new year is all that you hope it will be.

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