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Friday, 31 January 2014

As promised, here are a few photos of our new home. The house is very small so there aren't too many photos!

This is the view from the front door looking through the lounge room into the kitchen dining room, the lounge room is extremely small but the kitchen area is a nice size. You can see the lines in the carpet, both the lounge room and Miss 10's bedroom are lined in carpet tiles that are lifting in parts and have horrible sticky bits along the seams. Yuck!

 Miss 10's bedroom, a great size room. It has a feature wall in a very dark aubergine colour and the other three walls appear to just be undercoated.

...and our bedroom, again quite large, again with the feature wall this time in a dark chocolate. You can also see on the left near the door a part of the wall is a dusky pink, when we originally inspected the house there was a tall desk/shelving unit there and it appears the painter just painted around it, something also continued in the laundry where they painted around the washing machine! Very odd.

The house also has a bathroom and laundry (obviously) and another very small, awkwardly shaped  room that we are using as a library/office. It also has the most horrid 'granny flat' which is proving very handy for storage. It is so bad I won't put photos up of it! Miss 14 is very excited about it though, she has taken over it for her own bedroom and lounge area. 

The house also came with an infestation of fleas, it's very own population of cats and two dead chickens in the 'chicken house'. Don't get me started!

Overall the house is less than half the size of our previous home so we have a lot of furniture that doesn't fit. We had thought about extending but now that we are here we are thinking about knocking it over and rebuilding. We would love to do it ourselves so are looking at kit homes. 

Lot's of work ahead of us!


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  1. You have so much to do Mrs Homespun, but I know how hard your and Mr H are willing to work to make this new abode a home. A lick of paint, a good clean and it will do until you make a decision about what to build next