Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wow! What a few weeks it has been.

Mr Homespun was unable to work for several weeks due to a cave in at the mine he was working at. During that time off he developed numbness and loss of strength in his hands so it was off to the doctor's, then the neurologist's and finally the surgeon. As a result he had surgery to one hand a couple of weeks ago and will have surgery on the other sometime down the track. And of course, right when he had the surgery was when work was to go back.

In the meantime our long time wish of buying acreage was back on our minds, driving a large part of the region searching for the perfect property (something we do on and off but never find anything). We found a fantastic block in a sleepy little village not far from Miss 14's school and made an offer. Unfortunately the vendor wanted a ridiculous amount and wasn't prepared to budge. So we let it go.

And what happened three days later?

THE perfect property went on the market. It is even closer than the last one, twice the size, and already has a liveable house on it. And did I mention it was cheaper? No? Well what about three doors from Mr Homespun's sister (who also happens to be my bestie)?

So the last few weeks have been full of sleepless nights and appointments to try and secure it. Until finally just this week... it is all ours!

Now we are dreaming of big vegie gardens and orchards. More chooks. Cousins close by for the kids to play with. Extensions to the existing house and all that comes with that. Maybe a roadside stall later down the track.

What started as a far away dream all those years ago has come to fruition.

And we are terribly excited.



  1. Wonderful news Mrs Homespun! Quieter neighbours too with any luck!