Life is so much better in stereo

Friday, 27 September 2013

Because now I can hear!! With my left ear that is. My right ear can hear just fine, but it's quite amazing how many sounds I can now hear that I couldn't before.

Admittedly I can't hear perfectly, we are still tweaking the settings and I'm not sure we will ever get it 'perfect', but it's still enough to put a smile on my face each morning when I pop it in.


91 hours

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Romeo spent last week resting and, well, not much else really. Except for a paralysis tick scare and subsequently another trip to the vet for some tick serum. On a side note did you know the tick serum is meant for dogs and can kill cats? Apparently there is nothing for cats, just another injection to help prevent the reactions common in cats.

The vet was worried because Romeo had hardly eaten since the previous vet visit and warned if he hadn't started eating normally by the next day he would need to be admitted to hospital. Thankfully the injection that prevents reactions to the tick serum also improves the appetite so Romeo had a lovely meal of chicken that night and a little the next morning, but very little on Friday night so we were prepared to have to take him back on Saturday.

Until he scampered.

Down a drain.

And didn't come back.

There were lots of tears, some from the girls but most from me. Lots of calling down the drain (what the neighbours thought of us, I don't know). And soon we were resigned to the idea that perhaps he took off because he knew his time was up. The vet had warned the internal damage may have been worse than originally suspected.

And then at 1 am on Wednesday morning came a noise outside. Not a Romeo sounding noise, but I had been up a gazillion times every night since he disappeared so I got up again expecting to be disappointed yet again.

But there he was, looking extremely scrawny and tired. Tears again but this time of relief.

So Romeo spent last night at the vet's, it appears with the accident, the tick and the running away his poor little kidneys are a little stressed. Understandably, I think.

Cheeky little bugger!


An unpleasant surprise

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In all the excitement (of the bad kind) of Romeo's accident it's been easy to put something else that occurred on Monday to the back of my mind. And whilst I am still worried about Romeo, the other is starting to occupy my thoughts a little more. You see on Monday I also had a hearing test, knowing I have had difficulty hearing with my left ear for a few years due to otosclerosis. I also had a test around 3 years ago but wasn't too bothered by the results.

My bad.

Because it turns out that the 'hearing difficulty' is actually full on hearing loss.

Profound hearing loss.

Yep, I am almost totally deaf in the left ear. Anything quieter than a rock concert is beyond my ability to hear. So much so, that there was only one hearing aid that gives me any chance of keeping up with what will no doubt be a further deterioration in what little hearing I have left.

So next Monday I will go and try out the aid, and my fingers are tightly crossed that it works. I kind of thought of a hearing aid as my safety net, something that I would get later down the track when my hearing got really bad. Little did I know, I almost missed that completely.

The whole thing has left me quite shattered. Still, I'm sure it won't be long until my inner optimist kicks back in and I'll be back to my happy self.


One unhappy kitty...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sunday night Romeo wasn't home for dinner.

So I called.

And called.

And finally he turned up, limping and looking sorry for himself.

So off to the vet we went yesterday, only to find Mr Romeo had got himself hit by a car or some other trauma. He has a broken foot and bleeding around the lungs and heart. We picked him up yesterday afternoon, with a large cast on his leg. And he is seriously cheesed off.

According to the vet the bleeding will take care of itself. I certainly hope so.


Peas, glorious peas!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Or should that be, peas Sir, can I have some more?

As I mentioned in a previous post, this year I planted peas for the first time and they were, without a doubt, my most successful crop over (our somewhat pathetic attempt at) winter.

This bowl full is the result of what I picked over just two days, last Thursday and Saturday. And although you can't tell from the photo, this is my biggest mixing bowl! So yesterday we had a lovely pea and leek frittata for lunch, yum!

I will definitely be planting peas again next year.

And as planned I did some gardening over the weekend. Mr Homespun gave me a hand in turning over the soil and he received a helping hand from Lucy!