An unpleasant surprise

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In all the excitement (of the bad kind) of Romeo's accident it's been easy to put something else that occurred on Monday to the back of my mind. And whilst I am still worried about Romeo, the other is starting to occupy my thoughts a little more. You see on Monday I also had a hearing test, knowing I have had difficulty hearing with my left ear for a few years due to otosclerosis. I also had a test around 3 years ago but wasn't too bothered by the results.

My bad.

Because it turns out that the 'hearing difficulty' is actually full on hearing loss.

Profound hearing loss.

Yep, I am almost totally deaf in the left ear. Anything quieter than a rock concert is beyond my ability to hear. So much so, that there was only one hearing aid that gives me any chance of keeping up with what will no doubt be a further deterioration in what little hearing I have left.

So next Monday I will go and try out the aid, and my fingers are tightly crossed that it works. I kind of thought of a hearing aid as my safety net, something that I would get later down the track when my hearing got really bad. Little did I know, I almost missed that completely.

The whole thing has left me quite shattered. Still, I'm sure it won't be long until my inner optimist kicks back in and I'll be back to my happy self.


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