91 hours

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Romeo spent last week resting and, well, not much else really. Except for a paralysis tick scare and subsequently another trip to the vet for some tick serum. On a side note did you know the tick serum is meant for dogs and can kill cats? Apparently there is nothing for cats, just another injection to help prevent the reactions common in cats.

The vet was worried because Romeo had hardly eaten since the previous vet visit and warned if he hadn't started eating normally by the next day he would need to be admitted to hospital. Thankfully the injection that prevents reactions to the tick serum also improves the appetite so Romeo had a lovely meal of chicken that night and a little the next morning, but very little on Friday night so we were prepared to have to take him back on Saturday.

Until he scampered.

Down a drain.

And didn't come back.

There were lots of tears, some from the girls but most from me. Lots of calling down the drain (what the neighbours thought of us, I don't know). And soon we were resigned to the idea that perhaps he took off because he knew his time was up. The vet had warned the internal damage may have been worse than originally suspected.

And then at 1 am on Wednesday morning came a noise outside. Not a Romeo sounding noise, but I had been up a gazillion times every night since he disappeared so I got up again expecting to be disappointed yet again.

But there he was, looking extremely scrawny and tired. Tears again but this time of relief.

So Romeo spent last night at the vet's, it appears with the accident, the tick and the running away his poor little kidneys are a little stressed. Understandably, I think.

Cheeky little bugger!


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