Saturday, 24 August 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, we attended a wedding last weekend, and between the ceremony and reception Miss 14 had her last game of netball for the year so it was a very busy day to say the least (try getting a teenage girl ready for a wedding, undoing all your hard work so she can play sport, and then get her ready again!).

It was a lovely day, a bit windy and although I haven't enjoyed our very dry and warm winter (not enough rain), I was thankful it continued, a winter wedding day is not the time you want the weather to change!

The bride unfortunately was very sick on the day with a cold. Poor darling! But she looked gorgeous anyway! I swear that girl could put a hessian bag on and still look glamourous, so looking good in her wedding finery was not difficult for her. And young Mr B looked very handsome in his suit too.

Poor Miss 10 was also unwell, the wedding ceremony was in the morning and the reception in the evening and she slept for almost 5 hours between the two. But she put on a brave face, and both of them scrubbed up well. This is them at the wedding:

and this is them last week (you can just see their henna tattoos)...

We have also had zone athletics carnivals, jury duty and heaps of work on. Mr Homespun was made redundant a few weeks ago and although he quickly found more work, it is unfortunately in Wollongong! So each Monday he packs up his stuff and we don't see him until Friday or Saturday. So that, along with my work, Miss 10's dance lessons, Miss 14's netball and training and both of them attending gymnastics, leaves me with very little time for anything else. Needless to say, the house is a bit of a mess and there's a lot of washing to catch up on.

So that's my plan this weekend, doesn't sound exciting but this is the first weekend in many months where we have no plans, so I will be puttering around, catching up and just generally being grateful to have us all together under the one roof for a few days.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

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