OK, so this post has been sitting in draft for a week so everything is a bit out of date, but here it is anyway...

How quickly the last couple of weeks have gone by. Last week we were even busier than usual and the next couple of weeks look to be the same.

I usually have one evening during the week where we have no plans, but even that was taken up last week with an Education Week assembly. Miss 10 received an award for her role as a 'Special Ed buddy'. Her local school has several classes for children with special needs and some of the year 5 kids give up their lunch and morning tea breaks to help assist these kids. We are very proud of her for doing this and for her award.

Next weekend we will be attending a wedding (yay!), my cousins's son is getting married, and the bride is from Bangladesh. So last weekend we attended a Gaye Holud ceremony for the happy couple. It was  loud and colourful and very interesting. The bride- and groom-to-be were painted with turmeric and fed by family and friends.

So we have since attended the wedding, I will post details later!


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