February - Argh!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Good grief, February is chaotic in our house, we have both girl's birthdays (Miss 12 is now Miss 13!) and all the party madness that comes along with that, as well as several other family members celebrating birthdays too. We are finally getting back to 'normal' now school has resumed after the Christmas holidays, and to top it all off, a slightly ramped up renovation period. And we also lost one of our family members last week, Prudence the chicken died from unknown causes, she had been a little under the weather for a couple of weeks but things took a turn for the worse very quickly. I have googled her symptoms a squillion times but are still no closer to solving the mystery. Harriet also had the same symptoms a couple of weeks beforehand but is still clucking along nicely, although not laying. I am very puzzled.

Prudence is second from the left.

So cookbook of the month has gone along the wayside this month, although I am relying very heavily on Donna Hay's kids issues of her magazines, they have great party ideas. If you have kids and you haven't checked them out you should do so, they only come out once a year so you have to be quick!


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