Wild Weather

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We have had a heap of rain lately but this week that combined with some extreme winds so yesterday morning I woke to find this in my front yard.

And a better view as the day dawned. The local fire brigade had come along and taped off our house and the house next door.

So the workers from our local electricity provider came along to clean up the mess.

And they continued to hack away at the tree until this was left

And the amazing part was they did all the sawing, hacking and lopping, as well as bringing in the crane to lift the remainder of the tree off the power lines, while the lines were still live!!! Very brave men indeed.

And yes, this is my front yard, with the retaining walls half finished and the garden beds full of weeds! Unfortunately the walls need to be finished (some of which has to be unbuilt and then rebuilt) before I can get in and get planting. Maybe when we get back from Paris...

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