Dream holiday

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18 months ago Mr Homespun and I took the girls on our dream family holiday. We spent one week on Queensland's Gold Coast, visiting Movieworld, Dreamworld and Seaworld (twice, we were staying the Seaworld Resort), and then a few days on Daydream Island. And it was. A daydream. That is seriously the loveliest place I have ever visited. And we all had a great time, so much so that we decided we would return. So far we haven't, but we definitely will.

Last year Mr Homespun had a big birthday and we had a lovely party to celebrate. But I am not the party holder type. I worry that no one will turn up and when they do I worry they aren't having a good time. I know, I know, any lack of a good time is entirely their problem not mine, but still I worry. And I don't like worrying. So this year it is my time for a big birthday (I'm not telling which birthday it is, but I will tell you it is not my 30th!!) we are not having a party, instead we are heading off for what is my dream holiday, or at least the version we can afford, ha ha ha.

Can you guess where??

                                  photo courtesy of Paris Apartments

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