Sock Knittng

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

If you spend any time looking at the current knitting scene around the world you will no doubt know that knitting socks is all the rage. I bought my first sock yarn about two hundred years ago (okay, so you all know how I'm prone to a bit of exaggeration so that really means about 10 years) but found it to be not worth the effort. I knit too slowly, the yarn, needles and therefore stitches were way too small and it all just took too long, dammit!


I recently tried again and am finding it altogether wonderful! I have taught myself continental knitting so I am so much faster than I used to be and the choice of yarns now available for socks is just staggering. I have even started venturing into dyeing my own sock yarn but that's a post for another day.

One knitter/indie dyeing podcaster started a KAL (knit-along) where participants knit 12 pairs of socks throughout the year and if you google images for 'boxosoxkal' you can get a peek at the deliciousness that is sock knitting. How could any knitter resist?

Not me.

I found out about the KAL too late in the year to finish 12 pairs but I did end up knitting three pairs in 2016, which I was seriously chuffed about. I've now finished another 5 pairs this year and have 2 more pairs in the works. Because why have just one pair on the needles, right?


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