A white cottage

Saturday, 15 August 2015

What the?

Did I mention this blog is my first step towards world domination? Mwahahaha.

Not really. To be honest some days I'd be happy with just conquering the housework. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll be back to regular programming shortly.

Have I ever mentioned my love of white? No? Well the secret's out, I love white. All shades of white. Everywhere. In fact, this little cottage dreams of being a white cottage when it grows up (although last month's Country Style magazine cover did cause some angst over whether to be a charcoal cottage with a sunny yellow front door!). When we moved in it was all colours of beige, with blue, aubergine and chocolate feature walls, definite no-nos in a house this small and dim. The perfect place to indulge my love of white.

I have been leaving any major work on our house until we decide what to do with it. Will we extend or won't we? If I win the lottery this week then that question becomes substantially easier, but just in case I don't, I have decided it's time to get started regardless. I can live with the status quo no longer!

I have already done a little painting but as soon as the weather warms up I will attack it with a renewed sense of purpose. And to the carpet, your days are numbered.

Here's a little inspiration

 'Blushing Bride' hydrangeas and 'Morning Light' ornamental grasses soften the path to Beverley's 700-square-foot guesthouse with a wraparound porch.
An all white cottage - Source

An all white kitchen, although I am considering timber worktops -  Source

guest room
Perhaps a little black in the bathroom? Source

A little pop of colour in the bedroom? Source 

Ahh white, you make my heart go all pitty-pat!'

And in case you have never seen it (and unless you know me well, you haven't because I have refused to show it before now), here is the cottage when we moved in...

Argh, the purple! The not quite matching posts! The stick on house numbers! The crappy looking and totally not matching anything aluminium windows! But at least it has a white roof to get me started,  I told you there's a little white cottage in there just trying to get out.


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