New Addition

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Meet Flynn!

Flynn is the new resident pony here at the new Homespun Headquarters. He belongs to my nephew's girlfriend Jen, but lives here with us. He is about 5 months old and so little, barely bigger than a large dog!

And the girls just love him!



Friday, 14 February 2014

My first day back at work since the move turned out a bit more exciting and a whole lot more embarrassing than I had planned. I lasted only just over 3 hours before being taken to hospital by ambulance (but only after collapsing and later puking in a bin!), only to be told I was suffering from vertigo. I was mortified. Calling an ambulance for vertigo!

But in my defence I thought I was about to have a seizure. I had epilepsy as a child and the spinning sensation is identical to what I experience before an epileptic seizure. Only the seizure doesn't eventuate and the spinning doesn't stop. And my head hasn't stopped spinning since it started.

Now speaking from experience I can tell you, vertigo is bloody awful.

Since the first I have had another episode, ending up back in the emergency department. But a subsequent trip to the doctor and a new medication I now carry with me constantly will hopefully mean no more trips to hospital. I also have specific manoeuvres I have to carry out several times a day to assist in getting the bits in my ear back to normal.

My fingers are crossed.

And my toes just in case.

The new house tour - the land

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The bottom paddock - this will probably become the vegie patch

Along with the house we have five acres. Five beautiful, albeit neglected, acres. This is where we are most excited to get started. We have big plans for vegie gardens and lots more fruit trees.

More of the lower paddocks

This fellow has visited most evenings.

Mr Homespun's first comment when he saw this at the front door was that it had to go as it was just a mosquito breeding ground. I sulked because I love Koi Carp and really wanted to put some in the pond.

Luckily the day after we moved in we spotted this:

A Koi! Just one lonely Koi who Miss 10 promptly named Gobbles. We dashed to an aquarium/nursery on the other side of the lake to get food and to discuss how best to clean the pond up. So we are now armed with a plan, but it will take us a little while to find the time to implement it.

The gardens have been woefully neglected and I can't wait to get my hands dirty!

We are also lucky to have numerous fruit trees on the property, a few plums and other stone fruits, but the rest could be considered quite exotic. Feijoas, pomegranates and persimmons as well as some we have yet to figure out.

So although the house has a considerable amount of work required, the land has just as much, if not more. We will be busy little vegemites for quite some time to come.