Friday, 14 February 2014

My first day back at work since the move turned out a bit more exciting and a whole lot more embarrassing than I had planned. I lasted only just over 3 hours before being taken to hospital by ambulance (but only after collapsing and later puking in a bin!), only to be told I was suffering from vertigo. I was mortified. Calling an ambulance for vertigo!

But in my defence I thought I was about to have a seizure. I had epilepsy as a child and the spinning sensation is identical to what I experience before an epileptic seizure. Only the seizure doesn't eventuate and the spinning doesn't stop. And my head hasn't stopped spinning since it started.

Now speaking from experience I can tell you, vertigo is bloody awful.

Since the first I have had another episode, ending up back in the emergency department. But a subsequent trip to the doctor and a new medication I now carry with me constantly will hopefully mean no more trips to hospital. I also have specific manoeuvres I have to carry out several times a day to assist in getting the bits in my ear back to normal.

My fingers are crossed.

And my toes just in case.

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