Lest We Forget

Thursday, 25 April 2013

This is the grave of my great (great, great) uncle Harold who lost his life in WWI in France. We visited his grave on our trip to France in 2011, it took a trip to Amiens by train and then a long taxi ride to find him in the small village of Sailly-au-Bois. He is the only Australian buried in that war cemetery. He was just 23 when he died, leaving a wife and child behind.

The Sailly au Bois War Cemetery

I obviously did not know him, but I still get very teary by the sacrifice he made. And because he is still such a long way from home. I'm not sure whether his widow was ever able to sit by his graveside, or whether he has had many visitors before us, but I know he at least has his comrades by his side.

Anzac Day always makes me miss my Pop, who is no longer with us and who fought in WWII, and how lucky we were that he and my Dad, who fought in Vietnam, came back home to us.

The Australian War Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux

Lest We Forget

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