The best chicken house in the whole backyard!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

I'm sure there are better ones somewhere out there...

But I'll admit, I think mine rocks.

It isn't finished yet, there is still some painting to do, and another windowshutterthingey to make. But it still looks great!

A quick tour:

The front

The side ramps, there are two, the idea being one side of the run can be fenced off to give it time to recover from all the scratching.

The inside

The laying boxes

The back (yes we have gutters and they are attached to this rainwater tank)

The runs

Mr Homespun and I made the whole house, using this cubby house plan as a guide. It has taken us the best part of the year to make it, but on and off, whenever the inspiration struck us! We are so incredibly proud of it and our girls just love it! (Although the other girls, Miss 9 and Miss 13 are a little cheesed off that the chickens have a lovely house and they still don't have a cubby house!)


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