Cookbook of the month

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another month has gone by so it's time to look at my cookbook of the month. Julie's book is a lovely book and although I didn't make as much from this book as I would've liked, I enjoyed the ease of the ones I did.

Stuffed chicken breast with prosciutto and apricot sauce

This book is probably most suited to those who haven't been cooking for very long as there are quite a few recipes that most of us that have been cooking for a while would already have (a favourite) under our belt, like Spag Bol, Lasagne etc. But the photos are lovely, the instructions very clear and for the most part, the ingredients are what we would already have on hand or at least have no difficulty getting.

Mum Goodwin's chocolate cake - not a great photo because...

...we had already tucked into it!

December's cookbook of the month is, and no surprises here, The Essential Christmas Cookbook!

Front Cover
Mine has a different cover.

I really like this cookbook and I have a few others from this series.


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