Last minute renovations

Friday, 5 January 2018

Some last minute gardening before Christmas

Hello lovelies!

I hope the new year has started gently for you. Mine is full of the usual: attempts at new routines and the promise to myself that I will do better this year, a new diary (oh what promise a new diary holds!) and all sorts of craziness that my head manages to come up with.

The lead up to Christmas also had its own brand of crazy. We traditionally have xmas lunch with Mr Homespun's side of the family and dinner with mine and this year was no different, except that it was our turn to host dinner at our place. Gulp.

So in attempt to fool my family into thinking we hadn't been sitting around doing almost nothing for the 4 years we've been here, the second half of November and all of December was spent on starting all the projects I have in my head. Projects that Mr Homespun tried, but failed, to convince me not to do.

Like painting the exterior of the house.

Yep, that's something you really want to do in the heat of late Spring and early Summer with a deadline looming. But start it we did, Miss 14 and I managed to get the back of the house painted in 24 hours and then we started on the extra bits. The railings and rafters of the deck, the deck itself, the colorbond windows that didn't match the new house colour. The rafters of the deck. That are C shaped and required 3 coats of paint each. Inside and out. Grrr.

And although we didn't get everything done along the back of the house it was close enough that you can see where it's heading. Just a few bits and pieces to work through before I'll allow myself to move on to the south side of the house. I'm saving the front for last, painting it and seeing the whole house transformed will be the reward for all the hard work we are putting in.

I'll save the pics for another day, likely when I have finished a few of those bits and pieces.



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