R.I.P. Paul Bullen

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Earlier this week I woke to the news that we had lost my Uncle Paul, suddenly and unexpectedly.

He was a husband, father, pop, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great mate and all round good guy. He went to school with my dad, right from kindy so my aunt, who is my dad's little sister, doesn't know a time without him. He was MC at our wedding 17 years ago. He was so important to me both now and growing up, a safe harbour in a sometimes crazy world. His daughter was and is, to this day still, my best friend. He was such an integral part of our family I can't imagine us without him. So much so that even at his funeral yesterday, I looked around for my aunt and, for just a fraction of a second, my brain forgot and I looked for him because I knew if I found him my aunt wouldn't be too far away.

I don't usually name names on my little corner of the web, but this time it's different. I want the whole world to know, forever, how proud I was to call him my uncle.

We love and miss you, Uncle Paul.


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