Miss 15

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

So yesterday it was all about Miss 11 so it's only fair I fill you in on what's been happening with Miss 15.

Not much.

Except for one important thing...

Netball champions!!!!!!!!!!

Miss 15 has the most incredible team. Almost all of them have been together for the past 5 years, several even longer that that, and have finally had a much earned win. The first two years she played the team made the grand finals, only to lose (to the same team) in both. This was followed by two years where they were graded very badly and I don't think they won even a single game in the whole two seasons.

But this year their resilience finally paid off.

They finished 3rd at the end of the regular rounds so had to get to the finals the long way. Firstly a semi that was washed out after three quarters of the game had been played (they were leading by over 20 goals so it was very frustrating). So we had to come back on the Tuesday night to play the entire game again. But Tuesday night came and it was raining so it was put back until Wednesday night.

But it was raining on Wednesday too (can you tell we have had a lot of rain?).

So Thursday night finally came and the girls scraped in, winning by just 1 goal. I have a few extra grey hairs from that one.

Two days later they backed up, a convincing win over a team they hadn't beaten all year. Followed by a week of rest and then the big game.

And now they wear the much deserved crown.

Go, Jets, Go!


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