The sourdough starter

Friday, 26 July 2013

I started my sourdough starter a couple of weeks ago and quickly learnt what happens when you don't feed it everyday... it gets mouldy!

So I threw it away and started another, this time making sure I feed it every morning and after almost a week I am pleasantly surprised with the results. It smells very fruity and has lots of tiny bubbles, something I was sure wouldn't happen for a lot longer as it is winter here.

I have now reached the stage that always bothered me about sourdough starters, throwing most of it away each day. Argh! But this is also the stage where I am adding 100g of flour and 100ml of water to it every day, if I wasn't throwing some of it away it would fast take over the kitchen!

I have also been utilising this site to help me along the way. I didn't get the rye and spelt flours I originally planned simply because the supermarket I shop at doesn't have rye flour and their spelt flour is ridiculously expensive! So I am just using plain old plain flour. I have heard that if you use just one type of flour your sourdough has a sharper taste so I will eventually add different flours at some time, one of the things I love about sourdough starters is that they can stick around for years!

But only if you feed them...


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